Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Beautiful Home

A little German christmas tradition: Light three candles. Today, it's the third advent (Sunday) and only one week to go before Christmas Eve.
I am once again amazed how this year has just flown by. A good hearted soul always tells me: you just see the time going by so quickly because life is not dull and you are constantly doing something. If you had a boring life, one minute would feel like an hour, an hour like a month, a month like forever, and a year like eternity. Looking back at all the events that happened throughout this year this saying holds some definite truth.
So how do you get in the christmas spirit when you are caught up in way too much work? The answer came by a phone call. Our great friends Mark and Ruth invited us for a christmas dinner at their house. We have been going to so many great places these past few months that I was curious what Ruth was up to. I don't want to gossip about my friends but at least I can brag a bit. Mark and Ruth have a beautiful home. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful homes I have ever been to, here in Malta and abroad. It is not primarily the interior or decor or the size of the place but the feeling of home and warmth that the two of them have accomplished perfectly, making it such a wonderful place to be. One of the reason for it is Ruth and her absolute perfection for love and attention to detail. If you ever have the chance to receive one of her sought after dinner invitation you will know what I'm talking about. She has a God given gift of filling a room with life and food with love. I have been trying to persuade her to take things on a professional level, but she is all humble and happy when she can spoil her dearest ones, seeing them happy and content.

While I haven't had decorated my home at all, Ruth and Mark's home was radiating with christmas atmosphere. This evening was the first time I was realising, hey it's December and only a few weeks to go before the ultimate feast of the year.
We started the night off with Moet & Chandon. After the delicious champagne of Ta Frenc Restaurant you just cannot go back to sparkling wine, right?!
Mark had a wonderful surprise gift for us: his own home made white and red wine. I love surprises and gifts (who doesn't actually?). We had a try from his new Muscato white wine. I was literally amazed how good it came. It has a very rare and flowery/fruity bouquet, mild scents and a taste ranging from pear, vanilla and strawberry. Actually this wine turned out so well, I am sure it is something that everybody would enjoy drinking.

Another surprise and great idea were the appetizers and the dessert. They came in form of a cheese and chocolate fondue. I always wanted to try one of these.

I always have a highlight of the evening. Most of the time it's the dessert, especially if it is something chocolatly. This time, it was a difficult decision to make between the yummy dessert and the main course. But I have to say, Ruth blew me away with her main course. Oh my, this is serious stuff!!! Mark picked fresh fish form the market and Ruth worked her magic. She filled the fish with salmon and a herb paste, cooking it in the oven where all the flavours blended with each other. It was so tender, topped with rosemary and tasting nothing like the usual fish dish. Complimentary, it was served with the most delicious vegetables. The carrots were naturally sweet and Ruth has a little secret herb she uses for this special sweet infusion. My grandfather who loves potatoes and insists every proper meal to be served with them, would have become obsessed with her oven baked pomme de terre. I couldn't tell anymore what tasted better. I was immersed in all the flavours and it was out of this world!

I truly had one of the best evenings since moving to Malta. The personal atmosphere just added to my well being. I think we ate at talked for five hours, surrounded by candle lights.
I had to take a picture of Ruth fridge after seeing her arranging the left overs of the dinner. Have you ever seen such a well staked and perfectly organised refigerator? This is acutually a photo from Mark's camera, mine started to suffer from serious camera shake... mind you it was late!
Another photo from Mark and a small sneak peak of their home and their christmas spirit.
Thank you Ruth and Mark for a wonderful evening and your hospitality. It was the crowning of a great year!
A wonderful christmas to all of you out there from Marco, I, Ruth and Mark! (from left to right)
Look out for a crib episode, coming next year!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


I can't believe it's been already a week again since we've returned from our trip to magical island. I am talking about my birthday party trip to Gozo. I really love Malta's little sister island. It holds many dear memories of my childhood and everytime I return, I try to sipp in the atmosphere as much as I can. Well, and since this year has been quite a heap of change for me, we thought we are going to celebrate my day in a very special way. And what would not be better than to linger a bit in luxury... even if it's just for a day or an evening? Sometimes you need to spoil yourself with something that is out of the ordinary, right?! So my special treat for this coming year was a well deserved weekend break in Gozo and a dinner at my absolute favorite restaurant in the WORLD!!! MMmmmmhhh which one would that be??? Of course it was at the one and only Ta' Frenc Restaurant! And I can already tell you this much, it was an experience in many senses.. culinary, visual... and sensual...

The excitement is always building up before we explore new places and this time it was really buidling up to this special evening and all the sensations that came with. I was also looking foward to seeing the new things that have been happening around the restaurant. Apart from being literally the most stylish posh restaurant on the Maltese Islands, Ta' Frenc has recently launched their own label house champagne. That is truly unique.

An evening at Ta' Frenc always starts in an elegant way. As soon as you'll enter you are greeted by restaurant manager Joseph. True to tradition, we seated ourselves at the newly refurbished lounge area to have a drink before dinner. It hasn't changed too much over the years but I love how they fused the old farmhouse structures with elegant modern interior.

Our evening began with a bang - tasting Ta' Frenc's Medi Sec Champagne. Those little bubbles were teasing me... tingling first one my toungue and then in my tummy... what a delicious and delightful feeling! After a few sipps we felt happy and mellow.

The restaurant is full of surprises and art. Right by the entrance is one of the beautiful Maltese clocks by Horace, Mdina's famous artist.

As we emptied our bottle of champagne and ordered our dinners, we were being invited into the main dining room of the restaurant. Since we still had a few minutes, we asked Joseph if we could see the new wine cellar. We were being led to a small door and winding stairs took us suddenly down to a haven for wine. And how beautiful it turned out! You have to see it with your own eyes to be able to appreciate all the fine details, from the incredible candle holders, to the cuttlery and the painting on the wall, to the 500 different wines and many stone arches, you don't know what to feast your eyes on first! You can actually book the wine cellar for small functions or weddings... what a lovely idea!

Mario, the executive chef and his team take great care in giving you a special culinary experience that is also visually very appealing (have a look at the plate with the quail). All vegetables are enhanced with thinly sliced and roasted almonds. I also like the little extras and teasers (appetizers) that are part of the menu, such as a mushroom soup and the rasberry sorbet (that neutralizes your tastebuds before you continue with dessert). Mario also uses fresh herbs that come from the restaurants own garden.
As a starter I ordered the house salad and as a main I had tender fresh fish of the day.

My personal culinary highlight of the evening was the dessert, triple chocolat: white, medium and dark chocolat! Seriously, every little piece I took, I let it melt on my tongue and closed my eyes in pure ecstasy! If you love chocalat, you'll devour it. Absolutly divine!

The sweetest surprise of the evening came at the end of the dinner: a mousse au chocolat birthday cake by Ta' Frenc. I couldn't believe my eyes, I didn't expect it at all... isn't that so sweet?!

Ahhhh, you made me smile... you know who you are! Thank you!

After dinner we were invited to some charob and herbal tea. It is prepared and brewed right there. Of course I tried both.. highly recommended to round up a great dinner.

Ta' Frenc Restaurant is not a simple place to go out and dine, it is an experience. It is as beautiful in summer with their beautiful terraces and lush gardens as it is in winter time when it is so cozy and elegant. They have a great menu for the festive season, have a look and check it out on their website.

For the ultimate dining experience, treat your special one and yourself to something divine at Ta' Frenc.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Hidden Jewel

There must be a craze about local produce, lately. I remember the days when I picked up a can of processed Maltese tomatoes from a supermarket shelf and I hear my dear one cry out:"NO, don't buy the Maltese one, they are crap! Take the foreign one." Hearing that the first couple of times was by far the most confusing thing. Isn't it more logical to buy local products since it's a garantee that is by far more fresh than if it's imported from some foreign country and transported in trucks, planes and coolhouses? But after a while of "brainwashing" you start to believe that yourself and pick up the "Mueller Yoghurt" instead of the "Benna" one. With Malta's joining the European Union and with the changes and progresses that the country has been making in the past few years, things and attitudes have definately changed. Maltese products are really compatible in pricing and quality. Nowadays, I ONLY try to buy local and ONLY pick up some foreign stuff, if I really need to. Just look at the tomatoes. There are the BEST in the world. They might not be the most prettiest looking (although personally, I really fancy their looks) but you can taste that these tomatoes have been nurtured by Mediterrenean Sun. Foreign "glasshouse" tomatoes are really tasteless and watery compared to the deep red and plum Maltese ones.

Last Sunday, we made a trip down to Burmarrad to see a small exhibition of local produce. For a while now, I have been noticing a "going back to the roots" mentality. Apart from wine, local olive oil making has becoming a new trend in Malta. This was reflected at the market, every item presented was homemade and shown off with pride. There was basically everything your heart desires from sun dried tomatoes, honey, delicious Maltese hobza (bread), olive oil and handmade pottery.
A bottle of 1 liter Maltese olive oil (from hundreds of year old trees from Wardija) costs LM 7 (Euro 16). It is not cheap but quality has its price.
You taste it on bread before it will be filled and bottled up right in front of your eyes.
My tastebuds got all teased and I was looking forward to lunch. We had outsourced a very special place, far off from the Maltese Sunday's traffic (I never seen so much traffic on a Sunday as here in Malta). I loved the trip over cliffs and green land, and all the others could hear from me, was: "Wow, how beautiful, oh how nice!" I really enjoy driving around Malta's countryside. It's like taking a fresh breath of air. I could have gone on like this forever but nothing is really far off here, even if it's hidden behind rolling hills of farmland near Mtahleb. My friends told me that we were going to a place that is called Rogantino's but is been referred to as the red castle. After a couple of wrong turns, a red painted farm house peaked off from behind the small village of Landrijiet (near Rabat, Mtfara). I think it's the last building and behind it is just farmland and beautiful countryside. It looks like out of a story book and I recommend to come at daytime to see it. Not only because you will have a better view but also because it is basically impossible to find it after dark, if you are not blessed by some supernatural navigation.

The place is magical. It has a lovely flower garden with pool and until September you can dine outside. The buidling has the typical Maltese farmhouse structure, with little passageways and stairs that lead to hidden roofs and entrances.
As we arrived, we were greeted by the owner. He knocked on the small wooden door in the courtyard and someone opened to let us in, as if we are visitors to someones private home.
From first impressions, the trip alone has been already worth to see the place. Everything has been kept with its original features: high vaulted stone ceilings, simple but traditional rustic farmhouse decoration.

The main room to the right can be booked for groups. For greater events their spciality is to roast a whole pig.
The view from the windows is beautiful and they also give lovely light. We were seated in the blue room (meaning white/ blue china on the wall and rustic tableclothes). The other rooms' theme is green.
The menu is not long and a bit pricy but everyone will be pleased to find something to their likings. All food is "home made style" meaning it tastes as if you go to Mama for Sunday lunch. The soup, in fact, made me a bit homesick since it reminded me of a good german soup cooked by my sweet grandma.
This is also another place that emphasis on meat dishes (pork, beef, duck). So if you are vegetarian call them up before and they will fix something special off the menu.
The lunch was very delightful, from food to the beaujolais and the company, you feel at home. The place has nostalgic atmosphere around it, making you also feel curious to discover all the other rooms of the house but good manners somehow holded me back.

The red castle (palace) is another example how mouth-to-mouth propaganda works in Malta. I do not think the owners do any kind of advertisement, nevertheless they have a strong clientile and are completly booked for the season. The reaturant is definately not easy to find and you should give Tony and Annette Grech a ring so they can explain the way to you.
I am sure you will have a great time, especially if you book the main hall for a baquette. And when you go, let them know how you had heard of them!

Il-Palazz l-Ahmar
Wied il-Busbies (oh, how sweet!)
Tel: 21 452003
Mobile: 7904 6082

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm in Love!

I think it happened to me! I just have to share this one with all of you. Last weekend we went out and intended to go to a new place called Il-Kastell in Tarxien. But somehow it was impossible to book since noone answered the phone (if anyone knows the place, please forward their number to me). So our friends decided to take us to one of their best well-kept secrets, Giuseppi's, a small restaurant/ wine bar in Mellieha. To tell you the truth, I was a bit dissapointed because I was looking forward all week to check out that place in Tarxien. Hehe, although our friends were raving about this place, I just didn't know what was expecting me!
But there it was: quite low profile, a corner house painted in red. The funny thing is, I never noticed it until I was told it's very close to the HSBC bank. In retrospect, the building's facade is quite lovely but since we were already late, as in true Maltese fashion, I didn't even have time to fully appreciate it.

The first thing I noticed upon entering was the cozyness of the place, which I always find very important. We waited a bit on the bar before we were seated downstairs, which makes up a small room with only three tables! Somehow, I felt very comfortable, though. I also loved the fact that the staff is very personal and probably this is due to being a family run business with lots of repeat visitors.

Well, I always write about wine bars and I haven't even mentioned yet what kind of wine we'd recommend. As I said before, I am not an expert on the subject and I rely heavely on the judgement of our good friend Mark. At least I made a try to memorize the names of the wines. This time we had two different white wines, a Chardonnay from South Australia called Yalumba and a Chardonnay from Chile called Casillero del Diablo (what a nice name, to think about it!).

What really made me fall in love though, was the FOOD! OMG, it is so delicious!!!! As a starter, I had an aubergine with parma ham, rock salad and topped with parmesan and pesto. I nearly died eating it... I was yearning for so much more! I could only console myself because I knew I had another 2 courses coming.
The guys had some weird fish thing, but they said it was very good. Anyway, my main course was very thinly sliced beef in olive oil and rock salad... WOW!!!! Everything tasted to original and fresh and I just love how they blend food and herbs. The only dissapointment you will find is if you are vegetarian. There isn't a huge choice between the risotto and risotto. But you can always order a dish without some ingredients. On the other hand, this place's speciality is on sea food.

For my final highlight, I ordered a lemon cheese cake. The waitress said it is one of their famous desserts... well if that's not reason enough to try it out!
I expected a normal cheese cake but this wasn't the case. It was more like an ice cream in disguise of a cheese cake! The base was so good...

At the end of the evening, I took the freedom to roam around the place. Upstairs encompasses two other rooms and is a bit spacier than downstairs. It also runs on the same decoration theme.
All in all, we had a great night out. I am still dreaming about the food at Guiseppi's and I can't wait to go back there... it is that good! Highly recommended, but be carefull, you might fall in love!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Revelation about the Maltese language

As a few of you know, I have lately taken up evening classes to learn Maltese. Now that I made the final move to come here for good I thought it's about time I learned it! For years I have been trying to catch some few phrases but I guess it's just hopeless when you live in a country where everybody speaks English as his second language. It's just too tempting to keep a conversation going in English instead of trying to reply in broken Maltese, which would also demand a lot of patience on both sides. On the other hand, while everyone is socializing and cracking up about jokes, I have to try to figure out what has been said. Thank God, the Maltese are so friendly and will translate everything for you. Usually a conversation goes like this: "Jessica, wait a second, I will say it first in Maltese and then I translate it to you!" Then everybody is laughing their behinds off until my questioning eyes will draw the attention back to me and someone will make the neccessary translation. Which is actually not so bad because like this I managed to catch up a bit and I always make a point to ask what certain words mean. To be honest though, the Maltese language has been tough on me. Not only because it's a complete mesh of different kinds of languages mixed up together but because I am missing the basics that I can only get in school. So this year I've gotten serious on this matter and signed up with the Education Department. The Maltese government offers its citizens a very inexpensive way to further studies and there are hundreds of interesting courses to choose from. I think i will be quite busy for the next few years taking courses such as "How to set up your own business", "graphic design", and several Art classes. If you like more information on this CLICK HERE.

The other great part about evening classes is that you get to know other people. Especially if you are a foreigner deciding to reside in Malta it will help you building up a network and it is also very reassuring to talk to people who have made similar experiences as yourself (as in the case of learning Maltese). Sometimes, we all crack up in class by our different accents and bad pronounciation.. but hey it's fun! I really admire Grego, who has just recently moved to Malta and is actually practicing his Maltese daily without having taken classes (I guess, its due to him being multi-linguism). By the way, his blog is a great read, very informative (check out the section about the Maltese language) and so funny at the same time!!!
Anyway, yesterday in class I had the weirdest revelation. In fact we are not all foreigners learning Maltese but we also a Maltese person in class. Yep, I know. What is a Maltese doing in a Maltese language beginners course? I was wondering the same thing. As I have found out not all Maltese people speak their mother tongue since they have grown up speaking English at home, at school and with friends. I know it sounds quite weird not to know your mother tongue but Maltese people were and still are very much influenced from the times when their country was an English colony. There are also many marriages that are between a Maltese person and a foreign person. So I guess at home the family will communicate in English rather than in Maltese.
I learned as well that there are quite a few number of "pure" Maltese people that were raised in this sort of English-speaking environment and today hold very high government positions. I guess it really boils down to the fact that Malta is very small nation compared to other countries, was an Englsh colony for ages, and English just sipped through. Not to forget that it is actually the second official language of the country. Due to its tiny size, many Maltese also call Italian their third language. I think it's so great to grow up with more than one language but then again it is quite strange, especially for people who don't know Malta, to imagine that they are people that do not know how to speak their own language properly.
I guess, it also depends in what part of Malta you live... yep that's right! Yeah I know, I just said Malta is tiny. But still it makes a difference in which part of the island you were raised or in what town you live. For example, the area around Sliema is known for its "snobbish" English speaking Maltese people. Yep, there you will find people that prefer English as their language and only mix in a few Maltese words from time to time. More in the South, in the harbour area people mainly speak Maltese and know sometimes little English (especially the older generation). The people on Gozo then again have their own specific dialect that make them sound so different from the rest of the nation. Don't get me wrong though, I am generalzing here and more and more of the Maltese population gets all mixed up together and you wouldn't tell where someone is from. What is striking though and you'll notice it when reading the newspaper or talking to people, is that lately there has been a strong Maltese sentiment going on. Like a "going back to the roots" and people are starting to actually appreciate and find pride in their own language. That comes as no surprise to me, since your language is your identity and that is exactly what the Maltese, as a tiny nation, want to keep alive for themselves and for their cultural survival!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Wine Bars, Part 2

Hi everybody, hope you had an awesome weekend! Our little team has been around again looking for some of the best wine bars in Malta. Yeah and we have great news, this week is going to be a tough choice: Which ONE is winning our title MALTA'S BEST WINE BAR?

We start off with:
Kafe Ta' Marku
Sqaq nru. 6, Triq Santa Lucija, Naxxar

Hidden in a small Alley lies the newly restored farmhouse Kafe' Ta' Marku. We were out on a relaxed Sunday evening and we heard that this place just opened for public and serves good wine. Old farmhouses always makes my heart beat jump higher. I have this nack about traditional Maltese places but sadly they are becoming less and less because of the construction that is going on in Malta. So it's good news to know that the owners made a beautiful job in converting this house to its original splendour. It is cozy and you should have a look through the several rooms that have been furbished to give the impression of a farmhouse inhabited by real people. In the evenings the building is dipped in lovely lights but you should definatley visit it on a Sunday afternoon. While the food and wine was good, I'd only recommend it if you like to nibble on something small (like a shared platter), but I'd definately recommend it for one of the best cakes I have ever eaten, THE Snickers Cake (like a Snickers bar). Wow, this one was rich but soooo good, Ruth and I devoured it! The lemon cheese cake is also highly recommended, by the way!

Every room has a small detail, here it is the fireplace.
Kafe' Ta' Marku scorred high for the ambience and the personal story that goes behind the restoration of this building. Whenever you make it to the charming town of Naxxar stop by at Ta' Marku to enjoy a cup of coffee and a cake. Saying that, it's not one of the top places for wine in Malta but definatley the place to try out THAT great Cake! Enjoy!

So now, we come to real stuff:

No 1d, Strait Street, Valletta

With most of the wine bars in Malta, you'd better ask your way because this little jewel is no exception to the rule: It is well hidden in a quiet side street and if you don't know the place you'll have difficulty finding it. While most people visit Valletta only in the morning to go shopping or to have a look at those grand buildings, Valletta's night life is quiet. Normally, the capital city buzzes with action in the morning. I think there are thousands of shoppers, tourists, business (wo)men swarming the capital city but in the evening the Old Lady is silent. Recently there have been attempts to revitalize Valletta's cultural night life with events such as NOTTE BIANCA where not only shops, but also Valletta's famous churches and palaces stay open to the public until the early hours of the next morning. There is a new hype about Valletta and the nights are slowly becoming alive again. Anyway, the real reason behind it all is a little well-hidden wine bar called TRABAXU. I've heard people talking about it. First people from Valletta, then people from other towns and then people from the other island, Gozo. Wow, that wine bar has made a name for itself already and I, after visiting it, can only join in the praise for this place!

I had to love it: there are interesting black & white portraits gracing the stone walls. Trabaxu oozes authenticity, through and through!
Ok, here a bit of fusion of Maltese and Indian cuisine. Chicken with ginger, suberp!
I am all for mixed platters and cheese platters, I call them my authentic Maltese food. Everything is fresh and top quality and Trabaxu is one of the rare places that serves REAL (famous) Maltese bread, which is still fresh, no matter what time!
Everything comes together here: great atmosphere, cozyness, authenticity, great wine & food, excellent service. Thank you Chris and Krista for a very special evening! Way to go!

And the last one for today:

36, St. John Tower Street, Birgu

I fell in love with DELborgo the first time I visited it. For one, it's situated in Birgu (one of the famous Three Cities) and I love Birgu. For two, it has style: a fusion of the traditional Maltese with modern elements. For three, the wine tastes so much better here and the platters are great.

Here the view from the entrance
A Greek platter, very delicious but not Maltese.
Here, everything has style and class and wait until you have seen the restrooms...
I can only tell everyone to book a table at DELborgo, especially weekends because it's always full of people. DELborgo is definately on the very top of the best wine bars is Malta and it is already a winner because of its location. I can only repeat myself: YOU have to GO there!

Ahhhhhh and now.... what everybody was waiting for, the winner of the evening! It is really a tough choice because all the places we visited had something special about them. But when I'm looking for THE place to go it has to fullfill a long list of criterias: ATMOSPHERE, LOCATION, FOOD & WINE, SERVICE, AUTHENTICITY. Two places were really competing for the title and it's not easy... but....

..... the WINNER is TRABAXU!!!

One thing that it all brought down: the service is one to none. At Trabaxu they know what they are doing and they do it with passion. Their attention to detail in wine & food as well as to decor is even topped by their outstanding customer service and I can only rave about them. So this is my new favourite place to be... and I hope it's going to be yours too!

Enjoy everyone and keep looking out for new reviews!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Wine Bars, Part 1

The last few weekends, we have been going around Malta and Gozo to check out the best places to enjoy good wine and food. Like I already mentioned in my first post, wine is BIG here. More and more people actually cultivate their own grapes for winemaking. And last year I had a fair share of wine pressing and botteling mself. I have to admit though, that my knowledge about wine is rather superficial and I thouroughly rely on the judgement of our personal wine connoisseur (aka very good friend who knows what he's talking about). So lucky us, we had some great weekends out and enjoyed every minute. Here is a review of the places you definately have to go to. Wait for the second part, which features THE top of Maltese wine bars.

Delicata Classical Wine Festival - Gozo

Ok, this is not a bar, but this is definately an event not to be missed. First of all, this takes place at Nadur which is a beautiful village on Gozo's hilltops overlooking the harbor, the church and village of Mgarr (and at daytime you will also see the blue lagoon from there). Lots of Maltese will stay for a weekend in Gozo to relax and this event is the perfect opportunity to go.
You buy a glass for LM 2.75 (approx. EURO 7.50) and you can go around the stalls and taste all the wines on offer by Delicata.
Here with Ruth and Mark, our wine specialist. Below: Marco and Ruth

Big stars! Ira Losco is Malta's number one export star. She's not only HUGE here but was in the top 10 of the European charts. I remember once driving around with the car in Berlin and hearing the radio announcer saying: "And now the new song by Ira Losco." Wow, was I surprised. I think part of her breakthrough came also with the Eurovision song contest in which she placed 2nd.

The Delicata wine festival is special for the atmosphere (if you like busy crowds) and for the wine! Check it out next year!

Veccja Wine Bar & Restaurant

I love this place since it is right on the edge above the sea in a small fishermen's harbor, Xemxjia Bay. Here you come for beautiful summer evening and if you are lucky you will find seating on the little terrace. The wine bar is separated from the restaurant and you will have to go down the stairs and enter the bar form the blue side door. If you like jazz, you have to come Thursdays, where there will be a live band performing.

Veccja bar is rather small but really cozy with subdued light, jazzie music, small tables and a corner with pillows on the floor. The best part is the small terrace (notice the word "small" here?). There is actually a tree growing right through. Probably the bar was build around the tree, but the tree has become quite massive. I love it!
This is the view over Xemxija Bay. After a visit to Veccja have a stroll around the promenade and the harbor.
Veccja Bar & Restaurant by night. If you prefer fresh air and you only like to enjoy a small drink you can stay at the tables outside. On a Saturday in summer, there will be many people standing and sitting on the stairs and chatting.
Very worth visiting, a piece of Maltese culture. A place for enjoying a good wine with friends, for food either visit the restaurant or just have something small to "nibble"!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Seaside Breeze

Hello everyone, I just wanted to share some pictures that I took last week when we headed to Golden Sands after the big storm. The light was incredible! I wish I had my Nikon D200 with me but I only grabbed my fuji digital point & shoot since it is so nice and handy and you can practically take it anywhere with you. I pumped up a bit the contrast and color but in reality IT really was an awesome scene. Yeah, it would have made a perfect backdrop for a photoshoot. *sigh*

And a rare one of me since I don't like to give the camera out of my hands... but I know my family likes to see me from time to time too!