Saturday, April 21, 2007

Storms and Sunsets

Outside the wind is blowing with full force and whistling through our windows... the sky is grayish, dark and dull. The clouds are low, like a thick layer of cotton that completely blocks any strong light from coming through. The weather is awful, it reminds me of cold November weather in some Northern country!
Where has a our sun gone?
Has it disappeared and wandered off to Germany? My sister just called from Frankfurt and reported about their stunning sunshine and temperatures of around 18 or 20 degree Celsius in the shade.. adding that directly in the sun it must be around 32 degrees! Is she kidding me?! When have I last been jealous of German weather? Ha, and tomorrow first thing in the morning my mom and dad will give me a call. I already see my father bragging delightfully about their summer temperatures in Berlin. Reason enough for him to run to the next hardware store and buy a truckload of charcoal for his barbecue grill that will cater for at least the coming season, our huge extended family network and entire neighborhood altogether.

Hey, was that a shimmer of light coming through the clouds? Because when the Mediterranean sun decides to peak through then she does with all Glory and Beauty!
Sometimes at the end of a dreadful day, just as today, she turns darkness into a spectacle of light and color!
I have seen many sunsets in many different countries before but I'm mesmerized by this sun...from its bright yellow core it radiates a warm fuzzy orangy glow which drips off into a deep rich purple.
The other evening we headed home. It was raining a bit and nearly dark. I turned my head and saw this amazing light! I said we have to turn around and run to the cliffs to see the sun going down!

We didn't have a whole lot of time so we raced down the road and just made it....
.. a little run
and we were at the tower and had the most awesome view of the sky melting into the sea.
And then a few moments later... was almost over.
These images come straight from a small digital compact camera and were not enhanced whatsoever!

Still jealous? Nah, don't thinks so!


Sabine said...

In Berlin they enjoyed 30°C a few days ago!! But in the meantime it has cooled down considerably again, so our weather stays tops, clouds or not. LOL!!

Btw, I'm so glad I'm not the only German resorting to weather talk on my blog! At least it proves that I'm not the only one taking notice of it. :-P

Malta said...

Hi Sabine,
the weather is so important!!! My mood really depends on a little sunshine from time to time :-)
Lucky enough, we have lots here. And Today, it's so beautiful again *sigh*

Carin said...

It's not only Germany that is nice and sunny but even here in Holland the weather is just lovely. Though in between we had some cooler weather this past week. Right now temperatures are like summer. But these photo's do make me wish I could sniff the air of the Meditteranean! Oh sweet memories.
Thanks for sharing those lovely photo's. Where is that tower on Malta?

Malta said...

Hello Carin,
yeah I heard all over Northern Europe the weather was just bombastically nice and warm and over here we really had "bad" weather. But today we are back to "normal" ;-)
The tower is in the North of the island at Ghajn Tuffieha (Riviera, next to Golden Bay).

Carin said...

Thanks for letting me know. Now I know where it is. Those towers do look like each other.

Malta said...

Your welcome Carin. They really do look alike!