Friday, March 23, 2007


A few months ago I passed by a place that started my curiosity: Old walls, iron gate, terrace, torches, a knightish touch. What's been happening here at Xemxija?! A new place??? A new restaurant, maybe a new wine bar??? Each time I came by this place I kept observing.
First it seemed quiet... then a little activity on the terrace, a small event with people dressed up in knight's costumes (no it wasn't for carnival!), and weeks later no more parking spaces in the evening at Xemxija Bay!

And then rumours started... the place is owned by three smart business women. Then again I heard the place is run by the owner of the successful Melita in Attard. What all versions had in common though was that they all said the place is GREAT, BEAUTIFUL, STYLISH. Reason enough for me to check it out. I had been dying anyway to go there .. I just needed a good occasion.
So one evening I booked for two (in foresight) and took Lisa to THE FORTRESS. We were instantly impressed. The place has retained all it's original features, from the stone arches to knight's armory. I totally loved the chandelier and the contrast it created to the rustic stone walls, *sweet*.

We were welcomed and invited to have a look around before we would be seated downstairs. Now I heard so much of the upper level that i was looking forward exploring it. It has three different areas. On the landing is a cool large sofa with cushions inviting you to lounge with your friends (book it early), then a room with a stylish mix of old and modern and the third one is like a small party room with a balcony overlooking beautiful Xemxija Bay. The chairs are all fashionable and again the contrast to the original features is so hip! On our sightseeing tour we kept chatting to the lady who was showing us around. She explained in detail how the place was made up, the concept, design, etc. and I couldn't resist asking who is actually running the place. She said, it's run by HER and two other female entrepreneurs'! AHA! Rumor number one true. I said I heard as well that the owner is from the Melita and she replied that's right! AHA?! In fact, she is the owner of the Melita. EHHH???? I thought he was a male, I said aloud.. wondering. With a smile she blew all rumors away... "that's my husband you must have heard about!"
So this time it proved... rumors can be true but they can definitely be confusing too!
With all questions settled, Lisa and I had a great evening. We had the Sicilian and Maltese platter and some awesome South African white wine (great choice Lisa!). We must have been chatting for hours and only in a rare moment I noticed the people around us. The fortress is no place to wear jeans and a sweatshirt *makes a mental note*.
After hours, we noticed we were the last one's. I looked at the watch and it was after 2 o'clock at night... wow 5 hours just flew by.
I had a great time at the fortress but that is also due to the company I had.
So bring your friends and maybe book the banquet table for dinner or the lounge area for a relaxed stylish night at THE FORTRESS, Xemxija Bay!


Anonymous said...

i go many times to THE FORTRESS.its awesome..i never regret going there..especially in good second best wine bar in malta..once u try it u keep going

dindi said...

magnificent place!well done girls